Since its establishment, LTKM had achieved significant growth. The management opines that presently, after taking into consideration the egg production level of its major competitors, the group is one of the few leading egg producers in the country with a fully integrated poultry farming activity which involves feed processing, production of eggs, processing and trading of organic fertilizers. Being the single largest layer farm in Malaysia, the group shows great emphasize on the centralization of farm operations.

From the farm's development perspective, the generous land area has allowed the cages to be well laid out and isolated at a certain distance which is all to the advantage of the health of the chickens. The double and triple decker cage systems are fully automated and conveyer belts, installed alongside the cages ensure a continuous collection of eggs throughout the day with minimal breakage. With continuous improvement of technology, we have expanded 59 of our multi decker cages into the closed house system which deters the farm's chicken from coming in contact with the wild birds which occasionally carry dangerous diseases. All closed house systems are equipped with a cooling pack feature that acts like a radiator to cool down temperature of the surrounding, thus improving ventilation and decreasing the mortality rate of chicken.

Farm operations are centralized with the planned support of infrastructure and a network of internal roads to maximize efficiency. A 5,000 tonne feed mill, modern bulk handling and storage feed system flows out into a well distributed system of independent feeding silos, providing the birds with quality feeds for the production of better quality eggs.

The farm draws water from its own artesian well and an in house treatment plant provides a regular supply of water. Three times a day, a fleet of lorries traverse the farm to collect eggs from the cages. The eggs are subsequently delivered to two egg grading and distribution centres which are equipped with state-of-the-art computerized grading machines. The latest is a fully automated computerized egg sorting machine imported from Holland. Its capacity to handle 120,000 eggs per hour has further increased efficiency and productivity at the farm.

Eggs produced are graded according to their weight. The largest - graded as AA - weigh over 70gm whereas the F grade weight below 45 gm. Grades A to D account for about 85% of the total eggs produced.

Currently over 40% of the eggs produced are exported to Singapore and Hong Kong. The balances are sold to wholesalers throughout Malaysia. Taking full advantage of Malacca's strategic and central location, the company has been able to capture the market for eggs in the central and southern regions of West Malaysia, considered as the most populous areas in Malaysia.

In area of flock health management, an in-house veterinarian conducts daily tests for infections. The veterinarian also assists officers from the Jabatan Perkhidmatan Haiwan Negeri in conducting blood tests for salmonella diseases. The stringent health flock policy practiced at the farm has resulted in a low risk of disease outbreak.

It is no surprise then that research features in a big way at LTK (Melaka) and is continuously conducted at the farm in order to attain the best nutrition formulation for the chicken feed. On a more competitive basis, locally available feeds and cheaper substitutes are constantly examined for use as long as they assure the birds' continuing good health.

Ultimately, the group's long term plans for poultry farming is to penetrateing into product development and automation so that consumers will constantly enjoy the high quality and farm fresh eggs at affordable price