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Corporate Profile

LTKM Berhad is one of the leading chicken egg producers in Malaysia and is listed in the Main Market of Bursa Malaysia since 2000. We are the pioneer in producing Omega-3 enriched eggs in collaboration with Malaysia Agriculture Research and Development Institute (MARDITECH) in the country. Whilst LTKM Group's core business is in the production and sales of eggs, it has embarked on property development.

The company operates a sophisticated, highly automated layer farm in Melaka spanning over 450 acres. A total of over 2 million chickens accommodate advanced multi-deck housing systems that produce over one million chicken eggs per day. A large number from our over 500 employees are long serving and dedicated members of the management team who synonymously developed and grew with LTKM.

Steady growth, sustainable profitability and very prudent management define LTKM today. In anticipation of future development, the company will continue to drive operational excellence and continuous improvement in all its business processes.

LTKM embodies its corporate values in striving towards its Vision. Our management philosophy is well defined, prudent and remains focused on our Mission. The journey continues.

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